"We stand on the shoulders of giants to see further"

We are celebrating the apple trees improbable journey from Kazahkstan to Montezuma county.

Much like the dormant buds that await spring, a new season awaits cider.  After nearly a century of rest, North American craft cider is having a Renaissance.  

For craft cider this is still the Wild West, and the rules have yet to be written.  Crafting high quality cider takes time. In our cellar we use slow, cold, traditional fermentation styles to bring you the best ciders unique to our region.

We dig in the soil, sweat in the sun, and work on into the night.  We scavenge wild apples, grind, and press them.  Then we ferment, blend, taste and bottle this wild nectar to bring you the highest quality cider possible.  When the day is over we wipe the dust off and kick back with a cold one and a smile.

Our promise: no compromises, ever.